Friday, January 13, 2012

Suzet and Jose Vintage Engagement Session

Suzet and Jose had a very clear idea of what they wanted
 for their engagement pics.
So off we went around downtown, carrying all kinds of outfits and props.

We started our tour at the Historic Tucson Depot, to snap a few pics at the 
Southern Pacific Locomotive, housed in this museum.  
We did this not without a challenge, since we picked the day Santa 
was going to be there, so the place was full of kids running everywhere, 
and we had plenty of onlookers wondering if we were going to film an old movie (due to the fabulous looks of our models),
and of course the couple of lights we were carrying around.

Our journey continued to The Hotel Congress
were they allowed us to snap some pics 
at the club, (since no one was having a drink at 11am).  
And because The Rialto Theatre was just across the way, 
we simply could not resist snapping a couple of extra shots under their sign.

Our day ended with a picnic setup at Reid Park.  
That was just the frosting in the cake!!
(Literary!!  We did eat the frosting from our by then melted cupcake)

Thanks Suzet and Jose!!  You guys are not only great models, 
but an amazing couple as well.  Can't hardly wait for your wedding.

Thanks Lorenia Johnson for tagging along on this session.  
We are a good team!!!

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