Thursday, March 15, 2012

Samantha and Xavier at Las Vegas

We went to Las Vegas to a photographers convention last month to continue our growth as professional photographers
and while it was a work and pleasure trip, our real pleasure was getting the engagement pictures for Samantha and Xavier.

Samantha is part of a Mariachi group here in Tucson (you've probably seen her before),
Xavier, however, lives in Las Vegas, so it was the right opportunity to get know each other better
by spending a few hours together and take advantage of the beautiful scenarios and colorful spots Las Vegas has to offer.

Thank you Samantha and Xavier for this opportunity,
and thanks to our photographer friends that tagged along for this session.
Here a few of the shots we captured that evening. Enjoy!

Here is Samantha just standing there, isn't she photogenic? Really pretty!

Here she is again, just looking good... Outstanding actually!

View all the pics here:

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