Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Biutiful Workshop (and yes, our workshop is "Biutiful")

This class is designed for beginner photographers, and for those that might be a bit more experienced, but are still interested in having a day full of information and hands on experience (and full of fun of course).

Requirements:  Own a digital SLR and be able to use it in Manual Mode.  (if you are still uncomfortable using manual settings, don’t hesitate to call us ahead to schedule a meeting prior to the workshop, so we can explain them to you personally on your own camera).

We will begin at 9am with coffee and pastries and we will take some time to chat and get to know everyone.

Throughout the day, we will cover different lighting situations, and we will explain what settings we use for each specific situation and why we decide to do so.  During the morning, we will talk about indoor lighting, indoor combined with external light (i.e. From a window), and from there we will cover the great outdoors. (sunlight, shadows, backlight, etc).  

Around noon time, Tanque Verde Ranch will serve  a delicious buffet style lunch which is already included with your workshop investment.

After lunch, we will go outside and practice what we reviewed earlier.  We will have two beautiful models ready for the shoot and everyone will have  a chance to have  hands on experience with the different lighting situations we covered during the morning.

After the shooting, we will go back to the conference room to cover some key points in composition as well as a series of tools that will allow us to design creative, dynamic and successful images.  We will then go into a little “hiking trip” to a beautiful lake, where we will have two brides ready to pose for us for  some hands on practice.

At night, we will get ready to flash!!!  We will have two models for those who are interested in understanding how to use external flash.  This is your big chance to try it, if you have never dared to shoot with off camera flash.  We will clearly explain the radios that work for us, the speedlights, modifiers, and of course the settings that we choose according to each situation.

For those who are still not ready to go to bed, we will end the night at a little private bar right there at the Ranch, so we can relax with a couple of beers.

At what time will we end?  Until the last person is ready to go home.

So, Are you ready for the challenge??

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